AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 28 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Concerns Rise Over African Airport Security 12/27/09

AA: New chief hits snags in Algeria and Egypt 12/23/09

AA: Nigerian in aircraft attack linked to London mosque 12/28/09

AA: Somali Insurgent Group Denounces UN Sanctions on Eritrea 12/25/09

AO: Angola: Over 2000 explosive devices deactivated 12/23/09

GN: Guinea Marks First Anniversary of Military Coup 12/23/09

NG: Nigeria Under PDP's Doomed, Says Omoruyi 12/25/09

NG: Nigeria:Policing is Everybody's Duty – PCRC Boss 12/24/09

NG: Q+A: Does radical Islam have a foothold in Nigeria? 12/26/09

RW: RWANDA: Wild Young Men Unleashed 12/25/09

SD: Jonglei's Tribal Conflicts: Countering Insecurity in South Sudan 12/23/09

SD: SPLM Leading Figure Reveals Plot to Dump the North in Chaos, 12/28/09

SO: Somalia-based piracy remains an intractable problem 12/27/09

ZW: Zimbabwe ‘needs $45bln' for economy 12/23/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Al-Shabaab Seize Islands Near Kenya 12/26/09

AA: Rwanda:Refugee Return Heightens North Kivu Tensions 12/23/09

CF: Central African Republic: Aid workers evacuated from north 12/24/09

DZ: One government soldier killed in roadside bombing in Algeria 12/25/09

SO: Mogadishu Clashes Kill 15, Injures 30 12/26/09

SO: Nine killed in northern Somalia clashes: elders 12/24/09

SO: The UN in Somalia: Peacekeepers or peacekillers? 12/28/09

Special Operations

CD: UN peacekeeping forces to remain in Congo 12/24/09

Security Forces

CD: FACTBOX-International efforts at military reform in Congo 12/23/09

CI: Bangladeshi to lead UN peacekeepers in Ivory Coast 12/25/09

MG: Police scatter protesters as Madagascar's crisis escalates 12/23/09

ML: Mali Customs creates five river brigades 12/23/09

SD: UN appoints former top Indian Commander as envoy to Sudan 10/25/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Obama ends benefits for Guinea, Madagascar, Niger 12/23/09

AA: Senegalese President Extends Hand of Friendship to Liberia 12/27/09

AA: UN Sanctions on Eritrea: Belated, but appropriate 12/27/09

CD: UN humanitarian chief calls for stronger steps against Ugandan rebels in DR Congo 12/23/09

NG: Protests over amnesty delays hit Nigeria oil delta 12/23/09

SD: Sudan peace partners resolved to adopt referendum bill without alteration 12/25/09

SO: Somali Official Says, Parliamentarians Will Return to Work 12/27/09

ZW: Zimbabwe: Unity Key to Economic Growth 12/23/09

ZW: Zimbabwe:Principals to Launch Outreach Programme 12/24/09


AA: LRA kill 1300 in Sudan, DRC 12/28/09

KE: Kenya arrests two more for murder of Irish priest 12/24/09

MR: Malian linked to Italian kidnap arrested: sources 12/23/09

SO: Chinese Sailors Seized by Pirates May Be Freed Today, SCMP Says 12/28/09

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