Journal: ClimateGate 28 December 2009 Evening

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ClimateGate Rolling Update

Climate Change: The Religion of Copenhagen

During the recent COP-15 Conference in Copenhagen, the United Nations claimed it wanted to maintain religious neutrality. It was a lie. Global Warming is the established religion at these international events.

Get the U.N. Out of the Climate Business

The political theater in Copenhagen shows that we need realistic answers that don't require economic suicide to the challenge of rising global temperatures.

In the aftermath of the Copenhagen Climate conference, it is clear that the United Nations-driven process is a bust, and that any similar process requiring economic suicide and massive wealth transfers will go nowhere. It is long since time to drop this charade, take the question of climate change out of the hands of the U.N., and implement more reasonable policies.

The Divergence Lie
So many wrongs have been exposed by the recent climategate scandal that it will take time to see the full extent fraud, egotism and greed each played a part in the greatest fraud in history: global warming. Besides the violations of Freedom of Information Act, acts of extortion, and threats of physical violence, The Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia lied significantly about the basis of the global warming hoax. This hoax has cost Americans billions of dollars so far will cost us trillions of dollars if the cultists are allowed to continue with their lies.

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