CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 3 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Iranian Crackdown Goes Global 12/03/09

AA: Report: 2600 bodies found in Kashmir graves 12/02/09

AF: Afghan Expert Says Obama Plan For Security Transfer May Work 12/02/09

AF: Body of second missing soldier found in Afghanistan 11/30/09

IQ: Iraq's civilian death toll in November is lowest since war began 12/01/09

IR: Iran's fist still clenched 12/01/09

KG: Kyrgyzstan suggests OSCE to sit Taliban, opponents at negotiating table in Bishkek 12/02/09

LB: Lebanon Is Still an Occupied Country 12/01/09

PK: Baitullah Mehsud assassinated Benazir Bhutto, says Gilani 12/03/09

PK: Pakistan Says 600 Taliban Have Died in Waziristan 11/30/09

SY: Syria is accused of persecuting Kurds 11/30/09

YE: ‘Saudi jets pour toxic materials on Yemeni civilians' 11/30/09

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LB: Lebanese cabinet endorses Hezbollah's right to weapons 12/02/09

PK: Attack shows growing danger faced by Pakistani journalists 12/02/09

PK: Pakistan's Failing War on Terror 12/01/09

PK: Suicide Bomb Kills Guard at Islamabad Navy Complex 12/02/09

PK: Suicide Bomb Kills Pakistani Lawmaker 12/01/09

TM: Heroin, arms trafficking and the Taliban all threaten Turkmenistan's status quo 12/01/09

Special Operations

AF: Canadian command in Afghanistan grows with addition of US troops 12/02/09

Security Forces

AA: Iran Guards take over naval forces in Gulf: US intelligence 11/30/09

AA: Saudi military consolidates gains, while Yemeni forces battle separatists on … 12/02/09

AF: Poland plans to add 600 more troops in Afghanistan 12/02/09

AF: Most New US Forces for Afghanistan Will Be Sent to Taliban Stronghold in South 12/02/09

LB: Denmark takes over UNIFIL command 12/01/09

LB: UNIFIL's Italian contingent relieves German Navy 11/30/09

PK: Four terrorists killed in Khyber Agency 12/01/09

PK: Ten militants killed in NW Pakistan 12/03/09

PK: Air strike kills 10 militants in NW Pakistan 12/01/09

PK: Pakistan moves to drone independence 12/02/09

YE: Yemeni forces deploy in Aden to curb separatists 11/30/09

Foreign Affairs

IR: Iran's Plan to Phase Out Subsidies Brings Frenzied Debate 12/01/09

KZ: Kazakhstan's rights record critised ahead of taking OSCE chair 12/02/09

LB: Hariri probe team arrives in Beirut 12/02/09

LB: Sleiman advocates equal power sharing among sects 12/01/09

SA: The Solution Lies in Accountability and Curbing Corruption 12/01/09

UZ: Uzbekistan – Statement by the Head of Delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan … 12/02/09


AA: Somali pirates hijack $20M of oil going to US 11/30/09

AA: Iran whistleblower died from drug-laden salad 12/02/09

AA: Spain might probe Iranian killings in Iraq 12/02/09

IQ: Iraqi women forced into sex slavery 12/02/09

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