Worth a Look: MicroPlace Giving to the Poor

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MicroPlace Giving to Poor
MicroPlace for Poor

Level of poverty

Financial  My financial return 1% – 3% | 4% – 6%

When I get repaid Anytime | < 1 yr | 1 – 3 yrs | > 3 yrs

My money is going to Single institution | Multiple institutions

Support small coffee growers in the mountains of Nicaragua

Support Fair Trade Coffee Farmers in Tanzania

Phi Beta Iota: Evidently an EBay initative with a PayPal front end, this impresses us.  Subject to audit, it is precisely what we were thinking of (see our Denmark Briefing) as a means of connecting the one billion rich (80% of whom do not give to charity now) with the five billion poor at the household item level of need.  The major FLAW with with implementation is that it relies on intermediaries that will suck off 50% or more of the actual value.  Still needed: the Global Range of Needs Table. This would also benefit from a Twitter application and a near real time “close by can do easy” option.

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