EUCOM Week in Review Ending 9 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Croatia and Denmark on Kosovo independence at the ICJ 12/07/09

AA: Russia Accused Of Climategate Hack 12/07/09

AA: War in the Caucasus 12/03/09


AZ: Azerbaijans Defense Minister meets with US Air Forces Commander in Europe 12/08/09

BG: Justice Minister Attacks Politically Supported Crime in Bulgaria 12/06/09

TR: Can the US count on Turkey? 12/08/09

UA: Ukrainian governments attitude to armed forces humiliating – Yushchenko 12/06/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


GR: Second day of clashes in Greece in anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder 12/07/09

TR: Turkey strongly condemns Baghdad bomb attacks 12/09/09

UA: Islamic Terrorist Threat in the Crimea 12/04/09

Special Operations

UA: 150 Ukrainian peacekeepers depart for Liberia 12/08/09

UA: Ukraine to send anti-terrorist unit to fight Somali pirates 12/03/09

Security Forces

AA: Germany, France Face Pressure; NATO Adds 7000 Troops 12/04/09

GE: Georgia in Afghanistan: Paving The Way To NATO Membership 12/07/09

IL: Israeli forces arrest 15 Palestinians in West Bank 12/03/09

IL: Israeli man trying to enter Gaza shot dead 12/07/09

IT: Italy to send 1000 more troops to Afghanistan 12/03/09

RU: Over 230 rebels killed by Russian troops this year,official says 12/04/09

RU: Putin prioritizes weapons procurement for Russian army 12/08/09

RU: Russia Quietly Creates Leaner, More Modern Military 12/06/09

RU: Russia to develop advanced missile systems by 2016: commander 12/09/09

RU: Russian Police Find Car With Explosives Near Railroad Station 12/03/09

TR: Turkey hesitant over Afghanistan force increase 12/03/09

TR: Turkish forces foil Hezbollah attack on Israeli target 12/09/09

UA: Ukraine optimal army strength – 200000 12/04/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: EU cautious on integrating Ukraine 12/04/09

AA: Lithuanian Defence Minister and Minister for Kosovo Security Forces signed … 12/04/09

AA: Military pact with Russia will boost defence capability: India 12/07/09

AA: Yerevan Conference on Anti-Corruption Efforts gets underway 12/09/09

AZ: Today.Az » Politics » Int'l community increases pressure on Azerbaijan … 12/09/09

BG: Bulgaria Rightists Refuse Support for Conservative RZS Leader 12/07/09

IL: Israel eyes pullout from border village 12/08/09

IL: Israeli army chief starts visit to India 12/06/09

ME: Montenegro secures path to NATO membership, Bosnia must wait 12/04/09

RU: START I treaty ends: what lies ahead? 12/07/09

TR: Turkey Tense as Court Considers Kurd Partys Fate 12/08/09


AA: Tajikistan, Russia Agree To Fight Drug-Related Crime 12/04/09

AL: Albania PM Names Balkans Most Dangerous Mafia 12/03/09

IL: Islamic Jihad operative arrested in Israel 12/08/09

RU: Police crime must be dealt with harshly – Putin 12/03/09

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