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CitizenTube Home Page
CitizenTube Home Page

Phi Beta Iota: We love this, even though it is very time and bandwidth intensive.  As voice to text matures (China is rreported by Atlantic Monthly to be much further ahead than Google) it will become much easier to aggregate citizen views into the Global Game, and to create a “level playing field” for true democratic self-governance acrosss all issues and boundaries–it’s called Panarchy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kofi Annan, Thomas Friedman to join CNN/YouTube Climate Debate panel

Last week, we announced the CNN/YouTube Climate Debate in Copenhagen, an effort to make sure that your voice is included in the climate debate – and that your questions are posed to decision-makers on an international stage.

These leaders will include Kofi Annan, Thomas Friedman, Yves de Boer, and Bjorn Lomberg.

To submit your question, upload a short video of yourself posing the question and submit it here: www.youtube.com/cop15. We’ve already seen some top-notch video questions like this one from Mo in Florida who is concerned about the cost of going green:

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