Journal: ClimateGate 16 December 2009 Afternoon

Earth Intelligence
ClimateGate Rolling Update
ClimateGate Rolling Update

Wary Nations Face Cultural Divide on Climate Treaty's ‘Transparency

COPENHAGEN — Trust between nations is in short supply at the U.N. climate talks. Dealing with it has emerged as the linchpin in the negotiations of a new global warming treaty.

Global warming reporters left out in the cold

The organizers of that global warming conference believe they’re smart enough to run the planet. But evidently, they couldn’t “even figure out that 45,000 people won’t into a 15,000 person building.”

Copenhagen: Al Gore ‘ing the Truth on Climate Change

This is an Orwellian example of what to expect from the so-called “man-made” global warming crowd if they get their desired power to govern every aspect of our lives. These unelected “world government” bureaucrats in Copenhagen, who pontificate a totalitarian system of UN World “governance” over all nations, including the United States, in order to “save the planet” from “human destruction,” really desire nothing more than being in control of everyone else.

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