Yoda: Cosmic Wars and Multiple Timelines — 64 Timelines, in 14 of Them Cabal WINS

Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

Alert Reader writes in:

I knows there is a lot happening in the news right now (RBG passing, etc.), but I feel the need to pass on a few things I am learning from the Cosmic Agency series. In addition to watching the oldest videos first, I am also watching the new ones being uploaded. There is good news and bad news. First, the good news. Out of a possible 64 different time lines, in 50 of them the Cabal LOSES. In the end, they will not prevail. The only difference is how much damage and suffering the human race will have to endure before things come to their inevitable conclusion. Nothing is set in stone, and we are capable of mitigating the damage.

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Kerry Cassidy: Directed Energy Weapons and Frequency Travel

Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence
Kerry Cassidy


My theory is what causes Covid19 is frequency.  This is all about Tesla tech (the negative harmful end of the spectrum/ Tesla preferred the positive side**) targeting population centers. The idea of a virus and/or bioweapon is a misdirect but comes into play when they want you to take the injection in order to “cure” the so-called phantom illness that is caused by this invisible tech which is the Tesla tech….targeted…scaler waves directed…These SCALER WAVES have also been shown to cause California fires (DEW) and Earthquakes, and hurricanes (weather wars) etc.   It appears that it is all about the size and intensity of the waves that determine the effect.  And the effect is RADIATION which creates a “corona effect” around the cells leading to typical radiation sickness…flu-like symptoms.

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