Journal: ClimateGate 16 December 2009 Morning

Earth Intelligence
ClimateGate Rolling Update
ClimateGate Rolling Update

Africa wants climate change funding of $100 bln a year by 2020

PM Kevin Rudd Is a Climate Change Lier! – Say China's, G77 and India

India's Copenhagen Envoy Unyielding on Costs

Climate change summit leaves sceptical Russia cold

US changes stall Copenhagen negotiations

Climate Change Conference President Steps Down

The move was simply because a number of heads of state and government are arriving at the conference for high-level negotiations, and it made more sense for the Danish prime minister to be at the helm, the statement said.

Gore Refuses ClimateGate Questions

United Nations security officials have once again prevented a journalist from asking attendees at the climate change conference in Copenhagen questions about the growing ClimateGate scandal.

This time, the person on the receiving end of the apparently forbidden queries was Nobel Laureate Al Gore.

‘Climategate' divides scientists in Copenhagen

Indeed, a climate report released by the Indian environment minister last month questioned Western models of calculating global warming statistics in a quest to end reliance on Western science. It argued that there is no evidence that climate change is causing Himalayan glaciers to melt.

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