Journal: ClimateGate 17 December 2009 Evening

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ClimateGate Rolling Update
ClimateGate Rolling Update

Exclusive: Lead Author Admits Deleting Inconvenient Opinions From IPCC Report

The latest installment of Jesse Ventura’s highly successful Conspiracy Theory show exposed millions of viewers on national TV last night to the climate change fraud, blowing a giant hole in the global warming scam by exposing how its adherents comprise wealthy industrialists making billions in profits by fearmongering about the environment.

The most damning part of the program is when Ben Santer, a climate researcher and lead IPCC author of Chapter 8 of the 1995 IPCC Working Group I Report, admits that he deleted sections of the IPCC chapter which stated that humans were not responsible for climate change.  [Video Clips Included]

Chavez on Climate Change: Blame Capitalism

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez received resounding cheers from the audience after saying, “Seven percent of the world population – some 500 million people – are responsible for half of contaminating emissions. Capitalism is to blame for this.”

Inhofe arrives in Copenhagen to say US will not pass climate bill

Inhofe, who held an impromptu press conference in the Bella Center, said the chances of passage of pending climate and energy legislation were “zero” and would remain so if such a bill was financially harmful to Americans in any way.

The Ultimate Lesson to Take From Climategate and Copenhagen

Science today is more confusing than enlightening. Driven by vain ambition, scientists think science and religion are irreconcilable. Some religious people scorn science, claiming it to be man-devised evil intended to undermine religion. The truth is, God says science and religion are totally reconcilable and that He wants man to embrace and practice science. But He wants it utilized His way, with science being used to prove His existence, and with absolute knowledge as revealed in the Bible being the foundation on which the scientific method is practiced.

To learn more about the role God intended for science in human affairs, and the only infallible authority we can ever rely upon, read What Science Can’t Discover About the Human Mind

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