Journal: ClimateGate 18 December 2009 Evening

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ClimateGate Rolling Update
ClimateGate Rolling Update

The Real Melt-Down in Copenhagen

If the United Nations cannot run a conference in Copenhagen without riots in the streets, why would anyone want to turn over the governance of the world to these people?

For old “skeptics” like myself, watching the chaos in Copenhagen was sheer joy. It’s always a mistake for liars to gather in one place to trumpet their lies because it always attracts people who believe that the truth is the best antidote.

Low targets, goals dropped: Copenhagen ends in failure

The UN climate summit reached a weak outline of a global agreement last night in Copenhagen, falling far short of what Britain and many poor countries were seeking and leaving months of tough negotiations to come.

Questions Abound
Questions Abound

Scientists Attach Hope to Wrong Rising Star – Blow Credibility & Get Gored

As polls show credibility for scientists falling off the same cliff as Obama, Wall Street, politicians and the media, perhaps there is a reason. Perhaps there is a link between them.

To Denmark, From Russia, With Lies

As Ronald Reagan used to say, facts are stubborn things. The fact is that imminent man-made climate disaster has been shown to be a massive fraud driven by manipulated data and deliberate suppression of facts to the contrary.

The latest Climate-gate shoe to drop is the Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA) accusation that the Hadley Center of Britain's Meteorological Office deliberately relied on a carefully selected 25% of Russia's weather stations that fit its theory of global warming.

The Devil?  Or Just Theater?
The Devil? Or Just Theater?

At Copenhagen, Chávez Suggests Obama is the Devil

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference today in Copenhagen, and suggested that President Obama is the devil.

Chávez said that “the Kyoto Protocol cannot be declared dead or extinguished, which is what the US pretends to do. Which is why (President) Evo (Morales of Bolivia) tells a great truth: If Obama, Nobel War Prize, said here, by the way, it smells of sulfur here. It smells of sulfur. It keeps smelling of sulfur in this world.

Global Warming Science? Nope, Global Warming Scam

Trick No. 1: You Destroy Conflicting Data:
Trick No. 2: You Cherry Pick Your Data to Show a Recent Rise in Temperatures
Trick No. 3: You “Adjust” Away Inconvenient Trends That Threaten to Derail Your Hypothesis:
Trick No. 4: You Cherry Pick the Model to “Prove” Global Warming is Real
Trick No. 5: You Spend a Lot of time Promoting Your Views with the Media–and Publicly Attacking Your Skeptics.
Trick No. 6: “The Science is Settled. The Science is Settled.”

The Climategate code

In addition to the more than 1,000 emails and assorted documents that were leaked to the public a month ago, there were several files containing software code, seemingly source code for the calculations the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia used for processing and adjusting temperatures for their calculations of global warming.

Immediately after the leak, attention was drawn to comments in the code's documentation that seemed to indicate that the programmers had difficulty understanding what had been done previously, did not feel capable of righting the programming wrongs, and on occasion invented weather stations to park data or even invented data.

Now, as computer scientists and programmers have had more time to analyse the code as well as the comments, programming errors that would change calculations or even cause the program to skip data are coming to light.

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