Journal: ClimateGate 23 December 2009 Afternoon

Earth Intelligence
ClimateGate Rolling Update

Green Party leaders: US in Copenhagen summit helped kill necessary steps against global warming

WASHINGTON, DC — US Green Party leaders expressed their dismay with the failure of the UN summit in Copenhagen to reach an agreement on international action to curb climate change.

Turning Tricks, Cashing In on Fear

Properly speaking, the Copenhagen dogmata are a farce. In terms of distraction from cleaning up the pollutants that are actually killing people, they are a terrible tragedy.

Doomed to failure: Coping in Copenhagen

THE COPENHAGEN Accord arrived at on the weekend is no more a legitimate accord than Pluto is a legitimate planet. At best, it is a statement of intentions or pretensions, not an agreement that will lock the world’s veteran and up-and-coming polluters into fixed orbits.

Climate meet emits lot of gas

Despite compromises by countries like India and China over the issue of monitoring review and verification and the US pledging funds for poor countries, there was no agree ment on fundamental issues like the fate of the Kyoto Pro tocol and the Bali Action Plan after Copenhagen.


As I watched the last three days of the Copenhagen Climate Fiasco, I kept thinking of the Tower of Babel. The Copenhagen Summit was the “largest gathering of world leaders in recent history.” It was not, however, unprecedented, still less a “turning point in human nature,” as Colin Blakemore in the Guardian opined. It was, rather, another instance of the human propensity for self-aggrandizement and hubris.

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