Journal: ClimateGate, Guardian UK, & CNN

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Global media unite over Copenhagen climate change conference editorial
The editorial, calling on rich countries to commit to deep cuts, appeared on the Guardian front page and ran in 56 newspapers in 45 countries

CNN FINALLY Reports ClimateGate — To Downplay It Of Course

It only took CNN six days to notice the growing international scandal known as Climategate, and when it finally reported on the matter, it predictably did so by downplaying the significance. Maybe even more embarrassing for the supposedly “Most Trusted Name In News,” Russia Today did a far better job of detailing what happened at Britain's Climate Research Unit and how the global warming debate is impacted by it.

Phi Beta Iota: This is either mass insanity or much more likely, money talking–the science is dishonest, the politics ignorant, the only ones who benefit are the ones who “bet” on putting climate change over. The Guardian is ignorant, unethical, or both.  The truth teller for us, apart from reading books Campbell Brown has no idea exists, is that Al Gore cancelled–he knows he cannot handle the heat (pun intended).  What fascinated us about CNN's “coverage” of the email-sparked scandal is their lack of reference to anything other than the emails–books, for instance.

Minor Note: Sir Richard Branson, previously very closely associated with Climate Change, has been utterly brilliant: Roll-out for Richard Branson's spaceliner simultaneously divorces him from the mess and reiterates his constant pioneering.  While he may still go to Copenhagen, we hope he will be mindful of the Secretary General's commissioning of an investigation into the fraud, and more mindful of the priorities established by the High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change–Climate Change is NOT in that list, it is a minor subordinate element of Threat #3, Environmental Degradation, which in turn if firmly placed AFTER Poverty and AFTER Infectious Disease.

NOTE: See  Strategic Analytic Model  to understand how seriously we take Environmental Degradation as priority three after Poverty and Infectious Disease.  All of these media commentators are uninformed entertainers who have not got the slightest clue about how to do whole systems analysis or true cost analysis, or any of it.  This is all a huge get rich scheme for Maurice Strong, his mini-me Al Gore, and the financiers that bet they could once again screw over the Third World and get away with it.

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