Journal: ClimateGate Denial–Adriana Loses It

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Adriana Loses Mind
Adriana Loses Mind

ClimateGate:  The 6 Most Dubious Claims About The Supposed “Global Warming Hoax”

Phi Beta Iota: For those who do not read, the six “myths” discussed in Arianna Huffington's blog will be just as credible as the documented lies and fraudulent misrepresentations of the International Committee on Climate Change (IPCC), which in our view should be abolished.  The UN System needs a brain that serves all elements of the UN System, not a carbon ponzi scheme scam that only serves a few hucksters and their lobbyists pals.  Intellectually, the six myth dismissals below are beneath contempt.  We challenge Arianna to a debate–anywhere, anytime, just send us an e-ticket and we will engage in “a conversation that matters.”  Respectfully.  It's time we all got smart again.

01 Manipulating Data _   02 Silencing Dissent _ 03 Scientists Doubt It

04 Suppressing Evidence _ 05 This Changes Everything _   06 Reopens Debate

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