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The COP15 problem is not climate change skepticism, it is anti nuclear fanaticism

Paradoxically, the AGW skeptics are not the most serious enemies of AGW mitigation. The eco-extremests are. If AGW skeptics are basically in denial about AGW, they are not in denial about the essential role of nuclear power in a future of energy. Many AGW skeptics harbor rational doubts about the use of renewables in future energy schemes. The Green mainstream remains incapable of anything but a dogmatic hostility toward nuclear power. This anti-nuclear attitude, leads anti-nuclear environmentalists to hugely exaggerate the liabilities of nuclear power as well as engage in self-deceptive denials of the liabilities of renewable generation systems.

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Houston Chronicle Full Story Online

No denying: In resolving questions about global-warming research, let’s follow the science

We can identify at least two areas where clear answers are required:

• • The methodology. If there was a demonstrable effort made by CRU scientists or others to change data to guide it toward a preferred result, this should be identified and condemned by the scientific community. A consensus built around faulty data is as useless as one built around the premise that water freezes at 50 degrees Fahrenheit rather than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The scientifically observable facts will not change to accommodate a faulty consensus.

• • The claims that peer review boards have been set up to deliberately exclude climate change skeptics must be answered. The strength of the scientific method rests on full faith in peer review. It must not be rigged.

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