Journal: Fight Over the Green North Ramps Up

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What's In a Name?
What's In a Name?

Arctic sea route to be renamed ‘Canadian Northwest Passage’

The Northeast Passage opens for business

In Greenland, warming fuels dream of hidden wealth

Greenland Takes a Step Towards Autonomy

TrendLines Poll: Should The Yukon Secede from Canada?

Toward North Corps: Nurturing the Spirit of Inuit Independence while Pre-empting a Movement for Inuit Secession

Phi Beta Iota: The graphic below, the Fuller Projection, is central to the future of the Earth.  We anticipate both an attempt to create a “too big to fail” merger of Canada, the USA, and Mexico, and an immediate cascade of secessionist movements beginning with Vermont and Maine and spreading rapidly to Alaska, Hawaii, the two Canadian terroritories, Quebec, and Greenland.  Panarchy is the alternative to anarchy, but Panarchy requires, in essence, “Open Everything,” so as to achieve true clarity, diversity, integrity, and sustainability.  The gaphic links to our recent presentation in Denmark.

From the North
From the North

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