Journal: Surveillance State Expands Part II

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Telecomm Spy Manuals
Telecomm Spy Manuals

Phi Beta Iota: To be good at intelligence (decision-support) it is important to have a sense of balance between secret and open sources; between collection and processing; and between unilateral and multinational anaysis.  The welcome acknowledgement by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) that we spend $75 billion a year on secret intelligence and covert action, combined with the recent release of most of the U.S. telecommunications spy manuals now posted at Cryptome, suggest that we are out of balance.  We still don't balance between secret and open source collection; we still don't have all-source processing; we still don't do multinational engagement with any depth or breadth; and we still don't provide decision-support to 95% of the federal, state, and local government clients and customers with serious needs.

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