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Great search!  We've been thinking recently about writing a piece on Strategic Counterintelligence that begins with Sun Tzu's guidance to “know oneself.”  Your search is encouraging.  It boils down to one word: INTEGRITY.  The problem emerges when we fail to invest in education (as opposed to rote Weapons of Mass Instruction), this ultimate produces a cheating culture in which the political parties are running on empty, Congress feels it can be in breach of trust, and the White House is easy to hijack by a combination of Wall Street-Trilateral Commission and neo-conservatives or neo-liberals partisans.

States fail for two reasons:

1.  Inadeguate responses to new challenges, generally because those in power are totally divorced from reality and not listening to those with knowledge.  This is an Information Operations (IO) issue.

2.  Internal implosion as milities are populated by the unemployed, gang membes, and non-assimilated counter-religious groups whose cognitive dissonance ultimately explodes, at the same time that the combination of excessive expenditure on government and excessive greed and corruption within the economy make it impossible to fund the needed services of common concern including education.

We're not ready to write a new piece on Strategic Counterintelligence, but your search is most encouraging.  Capitalism, like any process or weapon, can be moral or immoral, constructive or destructive.  We the People ultimately failed to keep our governments–local to national–honest, and we have ended up with the governments we deserve.  The silver lining in our multiple crises is that now there is Blessed Unrest.  We are rooting for America the Beautiful, and we are certain that by 2025 we will be well on our way to creating a prosperous world at peace by harnessing the distributed intelligence of the Whole Earth and taking humanity forward with Evolutionary Activism.

For a fast overview, see:

Chapter: Paradigms of Failure

For how the political and administrative bureaucracy refuses to “hear” early warning:

2009 Perhaps We Should Have Shouted: A Twenty-Year Restrospective

1997 USIP Conference on Virtual Diplomacy Virtual Intelligence: Conflict Avoidance and Resolution through Information Peacekeeping

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1957 Quincy Wright: Project for a World Intelligence Center

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