Journal: Webster Tarpley on CIA and Mumbai Bombings

Collective Intelligence
Webster Griffin Tarpley
Webster Griffin Tarpley

In a Dec. 21 interview with Lauren Lyster of Russia Today, Tarpley explores the case of David Coleman Headley, born Daood Gilani, a convicted heroin smuggler of Pakistani background working undercover for the DEA who is now accused by the Indian Home Ministry of functioning as a double agent for the CIA. Headley is now in jail in Chicago on charges of planning terrorism in Denmark, but India wants him extradited and wants to hear the tapes of FBI taps on his phone. There is every indication that, far from being a rogue, Headley masterminded the Mumbai false flag terror attacks of November 2008 precisely because the CIA wanted them to happen – to solidify Indian political support for the widely opposed US-India nuclear deal, to play India against Pakistan, and to brand Pakistan as a strategic enemy of the US — the policy reflected in Obama's Dec. 1 declaration of war against Pakistan. The outcry and scandal in the Indian media about the CIA's protection of Headley now give that nation a chance to pull back from the role of expendable pawn of the US and UK against Pakistan and China.

Terrorist or CIA agent? May be both? Russia Today – December 21, 2009

Phi Beta Iota: There are at least five “CIA's” and we must not confuse the “public CIA” consisting of all the good people going through the motions under official coveroverseas  or resident as bureaucrats in the National Capital Area (NCA) and across the USA with the “dark side” of CIA, a much smaller group that is active in rendition, torture, and false flag operations intended to deceive foreign publics and governments.  Both the Taliban and Al Qaeda have denounced certain of the bombings in Pakistan, and given the CIA's history of false flag operations from the Philippines to Viet-Nam to everywhere else, it is not possible to state conclusively that CIA did or did not have a role to play in either the Pakistan bombings, or in Mumbai.  It is more or less certain that the Pakistani intelligence service's radical wing played a role in Mumbai, and it is equally certain that Indian and Israeli intelligence are running cross-border operations into Pakistan from both India and Afghanistan.  The USA appears to lack both a coherent strategy for waging war or peace, and any means of exercising adult supervision of elements of the US Government–both civilian and military–inclined to do things “in our name” that are not in fact in the public interest and that could be qualified as crimes against humanity as well as blatant violations of multiple international understandings.  It was the CIA mining of the harbors of Nicaragua that produced the first World Court decision against the USA, and the recent Italian conviction of CIA employees in absentia is noteworthy as a sign of increasing intolerance of ill-advised covert actions.

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