Caitlin Johnstone: Fractal Agent Smiths — Public Consciousness Emergent

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Fractal Agent Smiths

The struggle of humankind is a struggle to become more conscious. This is true whether you’re talking about humanity as a species, human society as an individual nation or community, the interpersonal relationships in a specific family or social structure, or the inner processes of an individual human being.

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Bob Woodson: “A Thirst for Virtue” — Black, White, Truth – the 1776 Project of the Woodson Center

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Recently, Woodson Center launched an innovative new project, a Campaign “1776” which is an assembly of independent voices who uphold our country’s authentic founding virtues and values and challenge those who assert America is forever defined by its past failures, such as slavery. Our focus is on solving problems. We do this in the spirit of 1776, the date of America’s true founding.

Phi Beta Iota: His bottom line: the Zionist-funded bullshit from fake organizations seeking to portray blacks as victims are full of shit and treasonous. We are all in this together and need to teach civics, virtue, and in so doing, resilience. BRAVO!

Rand Paul: Beware the Tyranny of Experts!

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Rand Paul Is Right About Experts

In a 2014 book, William Easterly highlighted and criticized The Tyranny of Experts (I reviewed it for Regulation here). His subtitle is revealing and relevant to the present moment: “Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor.” Experts can identify facts and make recommendations, certainly, but they’re not well-positioned to know the specific trade-offs and decisions people should make in light of what they know.

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David Icke: The Triumph of Human Consciousness Looms!

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“A human is only a biological computer processing physical information in a very narrow band of frequency, for a very, very minute amount of time. Once we leave our body, we become pure consciousness and realize that all each of us ever does is… having an experience with labels: male, female, white, black Asian, whatever. Once people realize it, they become uncontrollable and… it is the nightmare of the rulers of this world. Therefore they must always remind you of your labels, take you back down to them. You don’t have to live by your labels. You don’t even have to acknowledge them.”

David Icke Interview 4 With Brian Rose From London Real – We Will Not Be Silenced – 14 June 2020 (Video)

SPY IMPROV #001 Now Posted — Subscribe to Watch

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The first SPY IMPROV at The Steele Report was a blockbuster. 30 minutes answering pre-screened questions, and then 30 minutes answering questions on chat. You can read the first report and watch the first video (which will never, ever, be made public) by subscribing to The Steele Report.

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The Steele Report

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THE STEELE REPORT: Text Mondays, Video Saturdays

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J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans May 2020 – Round Two Virus Attack + More Cities Burning in September – October 2020

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American Gray Swans – May 2020

Round 2 is coming while our cities burn!

Whatever you believe about the Covid 19 issue there is one thing for certain. It is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that our supply chain is vulnerable to collapse. The American Gray Swans simply points out at least 13 ways that the Just In Time (JIT) delivery system will collapse. Here is A Quick Review. This is not only a possibility but a guarantee  the (JIT) delivery system will collapse in our present positioning. It will happen. We simply do not know which trigger event and when it will happen. And when it happens, there will be no food delivered. And now our cities burn as another predictable Gray Swan appears.

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