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Five front war:

Six-Front War
Six-Front War

A later version is below as well.

Caliphate Variant 100-Year War
Caliphate Variant 100-Year War

Better way to fight:

An article on Strategic Counterintelligence is coming soon.  Sun Tzu had it right, and the same is true in sailing races–the fight is won or lost before the fight even begins, in sailing, by checking your hull and ensuring it is as perfect as it could be.

Rule 1:  Know yourself and eliminate all fraud, waste, and abuse.  The Constitution calls for our sworn officers to defend the Republic against all enemies, domestic and foreign.  Not happening.

Rule 2: The truth at any cost reduces all other costs–partisan decision-making kills our own

Rule 3:  Understand the history and culture of ALL participants (we still don't get AF-PK-IN)

Rule 4:  Sun Tzu 201–the acme of skill is to defeat the enemy without fighting–this means that we must have commercial, cultural, diplomatic, economic, and educational tools that are globally effective at spreading MORAL capitalism and that we NOT support 42 of 44 dictators.

Rule 5:  Know which threat class or threat classes you are fighting–hammers don't work on screws and screw drivers are useless in driving nails.

Rule 6:  If the national intelligence community is comatose, nothing else will work–acquisition will be hosed, policy will be ignorant, operations will be chaotic.  Creating a Smart Nation and have a national intelligence community that is competent across all ten high level threats to humanity, that can harmonize both our own and OTHER PEOPLE's MONEY across the twelve core policy areas, and that is not delusional about ignoring the tsunami of the eight demographic powers, is utterly essential.

Rule 7:  If all else fails, either prepare to fight for the Constitution here, or move to Greenland.

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