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Skeptics Conference
Skeptics Conference

Copenhagen climate summit: Behind the scenes at the sceptics' conference

Tuvalu gives Copenhagen that old sinking feeling

Copenhagen denies Tuvalu bid for tough climate controls

Global Day of Climate protest, 12th December 2009

COPENHAGEN – December 8 – As the Copenhagen Climate Talks get underway and hopes of a meaningful deal continue to fade, a global protest is building against the failure of world leaders to make progress on this critical issue.

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…up to 50,000 expected on the streets of New Delhi

Phi Beta Iota: India is joined with China and Brazil and Russia in opposing climate change controls that will diminish the prospects of the poor.  If the 50,000 materialize, they will have been paid to show up and clueless about the facts.

Who Pays?
Who Pays?

Climate talks teeter as split emerges

A major split has emerged between developing countries at the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen over the best way to help the most vulnerable countries.

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Police fear an international extremist group may also be on its way to Copenhagen to commit acts of violence.

Al Gore talks Climategate on CNN and Slate, misstates the facts

In an online interview on Slate and on CNN’s “American Morning” former vice president and Nobel Laureate Al Gore addressed – and dismissed – the Climategate email scandal that rages. In doing so however, he appears to have failed to have actually studied the emails enough to accurately portray their contents.

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He has just released a new book titled “Our Choice” which dovetails on his previous works and purports to portray solutions to the climate crisis. Once again however, skeptics were given a chuckle when the cover of the book was analyzed and discovered to have many notable inaccuracies.

Climate Change Drama Stuff of Fiction

The problem they have is two-fold.  First, there is no solid underpinning for their “science” and the proponents so far have rejected an effort to stage a “world court” where this discussion could be conducted under oath.  A world hearing seems an appropriate forum, but the proponents don't seem to want anything to do with that.  Better from their perspective that they decide and we all pay.  After all, they are the smartest people in the room.

The second part of the problem is that, no matter what transpires at this conference and those to follow, nothing substantive will change so far as the world climate.  Climate change is beyond the ability of humans to influence other than subtly.

Phi Beta Iota: The World Brain Institute and Global Game are a “committee of the whole” in which all information is transparent and appreciative inquiry is made possible by aggreggating like views by location and other parameters, and then displaying “true costs” of competing positions in a completely transparent manner.

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