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Earth is resilient to Global War because only humans can wage global war, and done right, global war wipes out the human species.  Earth could care less.  It's only our ego that places “us” at the center of the Earth.  To truly be the center of the Earth, and of the Cosmos, we must achieve Conscious Evolution or Integral Consciousness, and we must do so in time to stave off the total collapse of human-nurturing Earth systems circa 2050.  Below is the poem by Philip Levine that opened our second book  2002 THE NEW CRAFT OF INTELLIGENCE: Personal, Public, & Political.  Other references follow the poem.

Amazon Page for Poetry Book
Amazon Page for Poetry Book

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The latest scandal, ClimateGate, is a classic example of a small group misleading a larger group with an ideologically-rooted “cause” that shuts out all diversity of view, and utlimately harms the Earth and especially the five billion poor as much as a nuclear war might–the real weapons of mass destruction are imposed poverty, small arms, preventable disease, and the death of education.

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