Journal: Whaling Intercept Boat

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Whaling Intercept Boat
Whaling Intercept Boat

Los Angeles, CA- At a fundraising event in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 17th, 2009, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society unveiled their newest ocean defense vessel: the Ady Gil. The vessel, previously known as the Earthrace, is a fast, futuristic looking trimaran that recently set the world record for global circumnavigation. The vessel renaming reflects the ship’s benefactor, Ady Gil, who helped acquire the vessel.

Sea Shepherd is currently preparing for it’s 6th Whale Defense Campaign Operation Waltzing Matilda. The campaign will launch from Australia in early December with Sea Shepherd’s flagship Steve Irwin, which will be accompanied to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary by the new Ady Gil. Together, the ships and the volunteer crew will intervene in illegal Japanese whaling in Antarctica.

Phi Beta Iota: As governments continue to fail in representing the good side of human nature, an interesting phenomenon is emerging, what one might call “anti-pirates.”  Evolutionary Activism will be charactized mostly by multinational information-sharing and sense-making, and a very strong commitment to non-violence (see Phi Beta Iota's adoption of the Twelve Principles of the Santayana Institute), but other modes are likely–for example, retired SEALs who “joy-ride” luxury yachts up and down the African coast as a public service, taking out Somali pirates with precision shooting.

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Eco Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson (YouTube) – founder of Sea Shepherd; direct action “animal conservation” group.
Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist (YouTube) – shows the Sea Shepherd crew in action and the results of insane laws that protect business, but not wildlife.


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