SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 29 December 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Casino Gambling: Russia's Export to Latin America 12/26/09

AA: Newsweek predicts death of Fidel Castro and coup in Venezuela 12/25/09

AA: Mexico's civil war has killed more than 15,000 12/28/09

AA: World briefs (Morales Moves to Legalize Coca Plots) 12/27/09

BR: Brazil Aims to Prevent Land Grabs in Amazon 12/26/09

BR: Petrochina and Petrobras join forces to study ethanol production in Brazil 12/28/09

CL: An Independent Candidate Jolts Chile's Democracy 12/28/09

CO: FARC's Plan to Booby Trap Colombia 12/27/09

VE: Venezuelan Seeks to Revive anti-Chavez Movement 12/26/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Mexico's Cartel Criminals Manipulate Police Intelligence 12/28/09

SR: Suriname police arrest 35 after deadly clashes 12/28/09

SV: In El Salvador, 2009 was one of the most violent years in history 12/27/09

Security Forces

AA: UK mounts warfare exercise in Falklands 12/28/09

CO: Colombia must update defenses or risk foreign attack: report 12/28/09

GT: Guatemala Seized 5,615 Guns in First 10 Months of 2009 12/27/09

PE: Peru department to get second police dog 12/25/09

PY: Paraguay Arrests Brazilian Drug Trafficker 12/27/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Colombia Growth in 2010 May Be Cut by Venezuela Trade 12/28/09

PE: Peru Finance Minister: Will Implement Capital Gains Tax Law 12/28/09

VE: Venezuelan president denounces aggression attempt of Colombia, US 12/29/09


AR: Argentina puts officials on trial over the abuses of the ‘Dirty War' 12/27/09

CO: FARC linked news agency justifies kidnapping and killing of Colombian governor 12/25/09

SV: Environmentalist Murdered in El Salvador 12/28/09

VE: In Venezuela, Clear and Present Danger Lurks in the Shadow of Chavez 12/27/09

VE: Venezuela Says Prison Conditions ‘Adequate' For Jailed Judge 12/28/09

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