Worth a Look: EcoFx.org–Open Cost Wiki Pilot

Worth A Look

The Wall Street Journal Story:

Six Products, Six Carbon Footprints
Everybody’s talking about it. But what exactly is a carbon footprint? And how is it calculated?

The Web Site

Estimated carbon footprint, loss of natural habitat potential, loss of plant and animal life potential, and extinction potential from producing, packaging, shipping and using a product.

• Explore ecofx wiki to find out how much natural habitat (in square meters and feet) and plant and animal life (in kilograms and pounds) is affected by a consumer product, service or choice — plus the carbon footprint, extinction trigger and maybe some ecomedia. Make eco smart choices for the biosphere using the matrixes, formulas and other goodies.

• If a product does not have a ecofx matrix yet, make one by using the formulas. Then add your matrix here on the ecofx wiki, on other websites and beyond. Edit and expand other articles and matrixes too. If the wiki asks you to login again when saving, quickly click “save page” again.

• Write or copy one or more sentences about the ecofx of a product and share it with others — via facebook, bulletin boards, wikipedia.org and your own ecomedia. Include a link back to the product’s matrix.

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