Worth a Look: Field To Market–The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Worth A Look
Field to Market Calculator
Field to Market Calculator

Field To Market is a diverse alliance working to create opportunities across the agricultural supply chain for continuous improvements in productivity, environmental quality, and human well-being. The group provides collaborative leadership that is engaged in industry-wide dialogue, grounded in science, and open to the full range of technology choices.

The Fieldprint Calculator is an educational tool designed to help you assess how some of your operational decisions affect overall sustainability performance. We have identified methodologies for estimating the key performance areas at the national level. The Calculator is an easy way to find out how your current land use, energy use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and soil loss compare with state and national averages.

Phi Beta Iota: Many such tools are being developed around the world.  What they lack is a single standard Global Game architecture that makes it possible to cross-polinate all data and all functions.

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