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There is only one “think tank” we pay constant attention to, only one that consistently produces worthwhile relevant information tailored to the needs of those of us concerned about national security writ whole.

Here ar just a few of their recent publications, click on the logo to browse their formidable collection of contributing authors and faculty.

The bottom line: Governments and standing armies are now severely vulnerable to self-organizing private, non-governmental, and criminal (both white collar and organized crime) endeavors that refuse to accept the legitimacy–or the efficacy–of government per se.  In intelligence terms, this means that neither force nor money nor any other instrument of national power is sufficent of itself.  Instead, governments must become a trusted service of common concern in the arena of multinational multifunctional information-sharing and sense-making.  Governments must ride the wave as both Harrison Owen and Steve Arnod suggest; the wave cannot be controlled by top-down unilateral endeavors with short-term selfish goals.  See the image below the SSI short list of publications.

Schools for Strategy: Teaching Strategy for 21st Century Conflict

A Comprehensive Approach to Improving U.S. Security Force Assistance Efforts

A Case Study in Security Sector Reform: Learning from Security Sector Reform/Building in Afghanistan (October 2002-September 2003

Guide to Rebuilding Public Sector Services in Stability Operations: A Role for the Military

YouTube War: Fighting in a World of Cameras in Every Cell Phone and Photoshop on Every Computer

A “New” Dynamic in the Western Hemisphere Security Environment: The Mexican Zetas and Other Private Armies

Epoch B Multinational Network Rising
Epoch B Multinational Network Rising

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