CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 17 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: How the OSCE Can Contribute to Energy Security 01/12/10

AA: Islamists Press Jordan to Stop Aiding US Forces in Afghanistan 01/13/10

EG: Liaison Office to Cairo (LOC) Change of Command 01/14/10

EG: Over 100 Christian Teens Arrested in Egypt 01/14/10

KG: Kyrgyzstan: The fellow-townsmen of former Defense Minister Ismail Isakov … 01/13/10

LB: Lebanon denies al-Qaida infiltrating 01/13/10

PK: ‘Anti-India groups receive patronage from within Pak’ 01/16/10

QA: Qatar joins global relief effort in Haiti 01/14/10

TM: Turkmenistan establishes monitoring management 01/15/10

UZ: Uzbek national army successfully continues military traditions: embassy 01/15/10

YE: Attacks threaten Yemen, regional energy industry 01/16/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AF: January proves deadly for NATO-led forces in Afghanistan 01/14/10

AF: Two NATO soldiers killed in southern Afghanistan 01/16/10

IQ: Rare deadly bombings in Iraq city 01/14/10

KS: Suicide bomber attacks Pakistani soldiers in Kashmir 01/16/10

LB: Blast Injures Children of Hezbollah Supporter in Lebanon 01/13/10

PS: OCHA: 21 Palestinians Injured by Israeli Forces 01/15/10

YE: United Nations: 200000 displaced in Yemen due to conflict 01/12/10

YE: Yemen rebels say they downed Saudi chopper 01/16/10

YE: Yemen starts talks with kidnappers, violence flares 01/12/10

Special Operations

AA: CSTO to create collective peacekeeping forces 01/14/10

AA: Top Indiana Guardsmen Selected for Sensitive Afghanistan Mission 01/14/10

AF: Afghan, Coalition Forces Foil Taliban IED Efforts in Arghandab 01/16/10

IQ: Iraq Says Raid Uncovered a Plot to Bomb Ministries 01/12/10

Security Forces

AA: Saudi and Yemeni forces claim victory in renewed fighting with rebels 01/12/10

IQ: Iraq captures suspected senior leader of al-Qaida: spokesman 01/16/10

LB: US trains Lebanese security forces in bid to check Hizbullah’s street muscle 01/14/10

PK: US drone strike ‘kills 20 militants in NW Pakistan’ 01/17/10

SA: Saudi Arabia’s untested military finds the going slow against Yemen’s battle … 01/14/10

TM: Turkmen law enforcement bodies study U.S methods of criminal investigation 01/12/10

UZ: Uzbekistan has army capable to protect its security: Uzbek President 01/14/10

YE: US security forces search for al-Qaeda team 01/16/10

YE: Yemen says captures three al Qaeda militants 01/16/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Lebanese PM Hariri’s visit to Turkey benefits both 01/13/10

AA: Hamas urges Egypt to halt Gaza border wall 01/15/10

AA: Report: Israel reassures Lebanon before IDF exercises 01/15/10

AA: Saudi- Malaysia MoU On Security To Ensure More Efficient Cooperation 01/14/10

AA: UN Security Council reaffirms support efforts for dialogue in Central Asia 01/14/10

AF: NATO Commander: Afghan Civilian Concerns More Important than Battles 01/13/10

IR: Iran criticizes Saudi Arabia over Yemen conflict 01/15/10

IR: Iran: Hidden agenda behind border instability 01/14/10

KZ: Kazakhstan Lays Out Vision For Controversial OSCE Chairmanship 01/14/10

PK: PPP to take along all political forces: Zardari 01/16/10


AF: How US is tackling opium trade in Afghanistan poppy heartland 01/12/10

IQ: Iraq’s ‘Chemical Ali’ sentenced to death 01/17/10

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