CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 7 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: Instability in Yemen a global threat 01/04/10

AA: Pipeline politics in Central Asia 01/04/10

AE: UAE plans cyber crimes court 01/05/10

AE: Waha Capital closes financing of AED 6.7 billion transportation aircraft for … 01/05/10

AF: Killings Rock Afghan Strategy 01/02/10

EG: Egyptian threatened over interest in Israel 01/06/10

IQ: Iraq says militant leader linked to hostages freed 01/05/10

YE: Al-Qaeda seeks to make Yemen its safe haven 01/04/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


IQ: Anti-terror chief among seven killed in Iraq blasts 01/07/10

IR: Iran arrests 180 in renewed clampdown: website 01/06/10

LB: Grenade attack on Fatah office in Lebanon 01/04/10

PK: Bomber kills three soldiers in Pakistani Kashmir 01/06/10

PK: Pakistan suicide bombing toll nears 100 01/02/10

PK: Roadside bombs kill six in Pakistan (2nd Roundup) 01/03/10

Special Operations

IR: Iran’s IRGC to hold maneuvers in Persian Gulf 01/06/10

LB: UNIFIL peacekeepers find bombs buried near Israel border 01/07/10

Security Forces

AE: UAE adds 6 C-17s to air force fleet 01/06/10

IQ: End of Iraq war in sight for US troops 01/04/10

JO: Jordan’s Security Forces Disperse Protest Near Egypt’s Embassy 01/04/10

LB: US ready to equip, train Lebanese forces: ambassador 01/04/10

PK: 12 Killed In Suspected U.S. Drone Attacks In Northwestern Pakistan 01/06/10

PK: Pakistan worried US buildup in Afghanistan will send militants across border 01/04/10

PS: PA forces operate 24/7 in W. Bank cities 01/07/10

YE: Yemen navy charges $60000 for safe passage in pirate waters 01/05/10

YE: Qaeda militants killed as Yemen boosts security at embassies 01/04/10

YE: Saudi attack rages in Yemen, civilians ‘die’ 01/05/10

YE: Yemen arrests three Al Qaeda militants 01/07/09

Foreign Affairs


AA: Holbrooke to visit Afghanistan, Pakistan next week 01/06/10

AA: King, Lebanon’s Hariri stress strength of bilateral ties 01/07/10

AF: UN Envoy Warns Situation in Afghanistan Could Become ‘Unmanageable’ 01/06/10

EG: Egypt says losing patience with Hamas 01/07/10

IR: Iran vows to boost Gulf ties 01/04/10

SY: Syrian president calls on EU to play active role in peace process 01/06/10

YE: Yemen’s Ambassador Blames “Al Qaeda Central” 01/05/10


EG: Attack on Egyptian Coptics kills six 01/07/10

IR: Drug traffickers killed 11 Iranian policemen: report 01/03/10

PK: US Suspects in Pakistan Invoke Jihad, Not Terrorism 01/04/10

QA: Al Qatf, Fanar organise awareness lecture on human trafficking 01/05/10

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