Worth a Look: Dari in 10 Mikes from AF to FR and Back

Satellite Phone with Camara

Phi Beta Iota: Tell us again why it takes ten days for a Dari translation of a captured document?  This is OLD technology.  2 megapixels is not great, 4 would be safe, but the point is that there is absolutely no reason why we cannot be doing real-time Dari translations from the field, both of documents and via webcam, of on demand conversations including body-language interpretation.  The lack of imagination and knowledge among those supposedly responsible for supporting our troops in the field is startling.  Instead of lard-assed civilians with questionable language skills struggling to keep up with our tough-as-nails troops  (the butts in seats high profit poor delivery model) engage brain and harness the distributed skills of the Earth.  This is not rocket science–it just requires imagination combined with integrity.

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