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Thomas Leo Briggs

Thomas Leo Briggs, was born in Staten Island, New York in 1942. The grandson of Italian and Greek immigrants, he graduated from the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware in 1964 with a B.A. degree in history and an R.O.T.C. commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

After one year of law school, Mr. Briggs entered on active duty in 1965 and served for three years as a military police officer volunteering for Vietnam where he served with the 504th Military Police Battalion as a platoon leader. He left active duty with the rank of captain, an Army Commendation Medal and a Bronze Star.

After the Army, he spent three years as a DEA special agent and 26 years as a CIA case officer, retiring from federal service as a GS-15.

During his 26 years with the Central Intelligence Agency Mr. Briggs had assignments in East Asia, Latin America and Europe and was awarded the CIA’s Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Exceptional Service. He finished his CIA career as a manager of computer software development.

After his retirement from government service he worked as an independent consultant, both overseas and domestically, on terrorist targeting, technical operations and computer forensics.

Review: Cash on Delivery–CIA Special Operations During the Secret War in Laos

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