IO Newsletter Vol 10 No 06

IO Newsletter
IO Newsletter Vol 10 No 06

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Issues in this article (24):

1.       Service Members Bring Electronic Warfare to the Ground in Iraq

2.       The Truth Is Out There: Responding To Insurgent Disinformation and Deception Operations

3.       ‘Voice of the Pech’ connects Manogai residents

4.       Spymaster sees Israel as world cyberwar leader

5.       PSYOP Food For Thought from the US Civil War

6.       BLOG: Many Flavors of Jam

7.       Chinese Perspectives on Google-China Standoff

8.       Australia Responds To Threats of Internet War

9.       Senior General Says US Needs to Move Faster on Cyber Defense

10.     DoD “Clarifies” Doctrine on Psychological Operations

11.     New Threats Compel DOD to Rethink Cyber Strategy

12.     IDF Sets Up ‘Facebook' Unit to Plug Media Leaks

13.     Lynn Lists Aerospace, Cyber-Age Challenges

14.     spies@work

15.     Clinton: Internet ‘Information Curtain' Is Dropping

16.     China Tried To Hack India's Computers: Narayanan

17.     Beijing Accuses U.S. Of Cyberwarfare

18.     In Digital Combat, U.S. Finds No Easy Deterrent

19.     Chinese Media hit At ‘White House’s Google’

20.     Taliban Overhaul Image to Win Allies

21.     Air Force Cyber Numbered Air Force Achieves Initial Operational Capability

22.     “Internet Freedom” And “Smart Power” Diplomacy

23.     Winning the Ground Battles but Losing the Information War

24.     Winning the Battle – Losing The War

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