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Global Futures Partnership (GFP) is now and will forever be centered on Carol Dumaine, one of two CIA employees still standing that we think the world of–the other is Andy Shepard.  There are no doubt a handful of others that merit special regard, but they have been locked in the closet with socks in their mouths so they are unknown to us.

There is no 2010 event planned that we know of.  After Global Futures Partnership was destroyed within the CIA by a combination of “not invented here” managers and general ignorance on the 7th floor about why outreach to non-US subject matter experts mattered, it was transferred to the US department of State as a concept, and has been moribund ever since.  The Intelligence and Research Bureau (INR) which should be championing this is nothing more than a meek extension of the “secrets are us” community.  When we spoke as the Secretary of State's Open Forum Speaker here in 2004, INR bragged that it had four (we are not making this up) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysts.  More recently we have seen the Department of State and the Secretary of State specifically make so many public mistakes from Honduras to Haiti and beyond, it is clear there is no “intelligence” at State, just pompous bombast with a dash of ideological idiocy.

Searching this web site for Global Futures Partnership, without the 2010, where a few of Carol's treasures have been preserved, yields the following, which we have resorted for you from higher direct value to lower.

Reference: Global Futures Partnership “Are You Ready”

Who’s Who in Public Intelligence: Carol Dumaine

2004 New Frontiers in Intelligence Analysis (Global Futures Partnership and Gino Germani Center)

2002 Global Futures Partnership–Vision of Lasting Value


Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Jerome Glenn

Search: The Future of OSINT [is M4IS2-Multinational]

1988-2009 OSINT-M4IS2 TECHINT Chronology


If we could wave a magic wand, Andy Shepard would be made Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Open Source Intelligence [outside of Collection with cross-cutting duties, see the Graphic], and Carol Dumain would replace Doug Naquin at director of the CIA Open Source Center.  Naquin has been in over his head since day one and has no clue how to deal with CIA's deeply-ill culture on the inside, and real people with big brains (but no clearances) on the outside.  Carol is a national treasure, and like most national treasures, has been abused by an ignorant agency she has been loyal to for all too long.

NOTE:  There will be an Open Space Council on Re-Inventing Intelligence in the latter half of March, we are nailing down a convenient location this week.  Harrison Owen is confirmed as the opening guru and all day, other major minds will be confirmed, this will be completely free and open to all regardless of citizenship and role in life.  That would be a good place for the self-organizing participants to discuss the revitaliation of GFP in 2010.

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