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Phi Beta Iota: Following up on Zbigniew Brzezinski's articulate expression of concern on CNN, we asked around and here's what we got back, put as bluntly as we heard it: 1.  Not my job. 2.  SOUITHCOM has the lead. 3.  Brazil who?  4.  UN what?

There are three million people in desperate straits including dehydration, two million of them homeless, at least a million at high risk of disease and starvation.  From where we sit, this is Katrina times 10,000, and SOUTHCOM is playing sand-lot ball rather than rising to the big leagues and actually leading a multinational intelligence-driven Stabilization & Reconstruction Mission.

It could and should be the Marshall Plan of the 21st Century in which for the first time a unified network of all possible stake-holders uses open source information to connect aid from the one billion rich to the desperate needs of the three million extreme poor in Haiti, and in so doing, creates the model for state leadership (military central) of non-state campaigns for peace and prosperity.  This is a change to take STRONG ANGEL global and to implement the distributed virtual translation network that allows everyone to channel in French and Creole via broadband assistance.

Right now the Red Cross and all the other “major” NGOs appear to be ripping off the public in the single greatest financial scam since Katrina.  Most of the money being collected is NOT going to get to Haiti.  SOUTHCOM could mobilize Presidential authority to have the Internal Revenue Service audit all Haiti aid funds, and create a means for SOUTHCOM to “draw” on that financial aid by presenting bills for payment sourced from all multinational state and non-state partners.

UC Berkeley Library Maps Online

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that took place in Haiti on January 12, 2010, here is a list of some Haiti map and data resources at the Earth Sciences and Map Library, UC libraries, and around the web.

The U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) is in charge of the U.S. Government response to Haiti.  Good people who have traditionally been the runts of the litter, we sense that they are not operating at a global level and have not recognized that another 80% is available for the asking.

C–130s have not been mobilized.  All available landing craft and heavy lift helicopters have not been mobilized.  There has been no call to the private sector for any kind of Dunkirk in reverse.  Everyone we talk to seems to be treating Haiti as just another “business as usual” situation.  It is not.  Haiti could well go down in history as the book-end to 9/11, the other side of the coin of Empire lost.

Journal: Haiti Rolling Directory from 12 January 2010

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