Journal: Haiti Topography & Population Density

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The fault responsible for the Jan. 12 magnitude 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti is visible in images created using NASA radar topography data acquired in 2000.

This perspective view of the pre-earthquake topography of the area, created using data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission that flew aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour in February 2000, clearly shows the Enriquillo fault that is apparently responsible for the earthquake. The fault is visible as a prominent linear landform that forms a sharp diagonal line at the center of the image. The city of Port-au-Prince is immediately to the left (north) at the mountain front and shoreline.

Original Source Online

Elevations in the image are color coded from dark green at low elevations to white at high elevations, and the topography is shaded with illumination from the left. The topography in this image is exaggerated by a factor of two.

Original Source Online

The key question from a strategic point of view ought to be: where is everyone now, and where do we want to encourage them to move to by providing a rich flow of community building materials properly located in relation to available potable water, arable land, etcetera.  Below is the population density image.

Journal: Haiti Rolling Update

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