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CNN Editor's note: Charles S. Faddis is a retired CIA operations officer and the former head of the CIA's unit focused on fighting terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction. The author of a recently published book about the CIA, “Beyond Repair,” Faddis is also president of Orion Strategic Services, a Maryland-based consulting firm.

Phi Beta Iota: We know and admire Charles Faddis.  Below the fold are other references on the implosion of CIA, which is no longer fit for duty.  Panetta means well, but he does not know what he does not know, and the stuffed shirts surrounding him are not about to tell him what he really does need to know, in part because they don't know, they've made a career out of pushing paper, inflating success, and avoiding accountability.  The difference between the earlier set of anti-CIA retirees and our set are two: 1) we're not breaking rules and cannot credibly be labeled as traitors; and 2) we know vastly more about the real world of all-source intelligence than the incompetent insiders and we cannot be silenced.  Eventually an honest political leadership will hear us.

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  • We owe it to 7 fallen CIA agents (sic) to examine the state of the CIA, says Charles Faddis [PBI: US citizens are officers, the recruited foreigners are agents]
  • A retired CIA officer, Faddis says the agency is hobbled by bureaucracy
  • He says the CIA's leaders lack the experience to run counter-terror operations
  • CIA needs stronger training, better leadership and higher standards, he says

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