Journal: Zbigniew Brzezinski BRILLIANT on Haiti Now

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Zbigniew Brzezinski, appearing on CNN with Fareed Zakaria today, Sunday, 24 January 2010 at 1300, has just turned in the single most brilliant and statemanlike precise (on Haiti) that we have been privileged to witness in over a decade.

We've been down on Brzezinski during that period because he has not given up his compulsion to punish the Russians, push the Chinese back, and generally assume that Epoch A leadership will allow the US–and the Obama Administration that he has been advising on foreign and national security policy–to continue to weild the “Big Stick” that we can no longer afford.

We don't take that back,  but we stand in praise of the single most intelligent, most urgent, and most helpful public statement we have heard in a long time.  Below are our notes on what he said.

+  Frustrated, no one visibly in charge

+  Relief effort is slow moving, lacks evidence of direction

+  Total government collapse requires a UN Trusteeship immediately

+  Haiti has Human Capital, a “remarkable resource” with an “impressive tradition of self-development.

Phi Beta Iota: Of course it helps to have him agree with what we have been saying from day one, see the specific headlines below and the rolling update last.  Haiti is an OPPORTUNITY.  No one now in charge appears to have the correct Epoch B mind-set, this is what needs to change Monday.  No more excuses.  We need to treat Haiti as the global opportunity to change the way we do business.

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