Reference: Guidelines for Relations between US Armed Forces and Non-Governmental Organizations in Hostile or Potentially Hostile Environments

United Nations & NGOs
2 pages online

Phi Beta Iota: See also the many superb references in the US Agency for International Development (AID) Development Experience Library.  In our own experience encountering AID across Asia and Latin America, their capacity for ground truth and grass roots effectiveness is phenomenal, held back only by Congressional mandates that are politically motivated and operationally insane–such as the requirement to spend 75% of every development dollar via a US beltway bandit.

See also:

Guiding Principles for Stabilization and Reconstruction (Paperback)

Guide to Rebuilding Public Sector Services in Stability Operations–A Role for the Military

Anthropological Intelligence–The Deployment and Neglect of American Anthropology in the Second World War

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