Reference: Reverse TPFID for Haiti

Communities of Practice, Peace Intelligence

TPFID (Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data)

Reverse TPFID Sequence of Events:

CAB 21 Sequence of Events as Previously Provided

Embrace the Cubans as full partners

Multinational Decision Support Center (MDSC) in Tampa or Quantico

Grid the Island, Assign Zone Masters with Commercial Satellite Communications to Each Grid Square

Execute Bottom-Up Needs-Driven Information-Driven Relief Effort as well as Med-Evac Priority

Emphasize AIR DROPS not WHEELS, and C-13os using See Bee rough strips created overnight

Assume all local water contaminated by bodies and sewage until demonstrated otherwise

Hospital Ship Should Have Been Turned Around Instantly, Refueled and Resupplied at Sea

Send at least one and ideally two Amphibious Ships will full complements of helos augmented as they pass Camp Lejeune coming down from Little Creek–ideally plan to use Landing Craft not just the helos

Pre-Approved Emergency Flights ONLY into Port a Prince and Santo Domingo (including See Bees and their construction equipment, Army engineers and bridges

Create at least two Foreward Area Refueling Points (FARP), one for conventional aircraft, one for helicopters, and add a third for free fuel for all ground vehicles including indigenous and NGO vehicles

Triage all relief aircraft via MDSC, ideally triage the loads BEFORE they are loaded–push the information perimeter all the way out to every government and NGO planning to arrive, run BIG AIR into McDill, Guantanamo, Havana, Bermuda, Miami, triage loads into C-130, Air Drop, and Helo Delivery.  Remember that onward transport is the next log-jam, see USMC Lessons Learned from Bangladesh–precision drops across the country are better than jamming everything into an airport without onward delivery options.

Re-Visit the 450-Ship Navy proposed in 1998 and again in 2008

Why is it we are not seeing Army Civil Affairs Brigade in charge of this?  Frock the ranking Colonel to one-star (pull him out of AF for this), put the Total Force behind CAB, and tell the existing conventional leadership they are in direct support of CAB.

Haiti is an Epoch B information challenge that cannot be addressed properly by Epoch A “materials” leadership.

See also:  Journal: Haiti Rolling Update

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