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After Jardines broke his word and stole Steele's conference, and then imploded,  DNI staff seems to have taken a strategic pause, along with delegating its ADDNI/OS responsibilities to the CIA/OSC director, which is contrary to the DNI Directive.   Right now OSC deals with a very small number of countries and has nothing to offer the 90 countries waiting for leadership, nor is it able to harness the eight tribes of intelligence in its own country much less others.

Rumor has it that Naquin is planning something, and that depending on who General Burgess picks to be the DIA DISL DIOSPO, there may or may not be a Multinational Engagement event planned adjacent to that.

Steele, who is officially unemployed and seeking righteous work, is focused on finishing his new book which will then be translated into Portuguese and Spanish.  The Collective Intelligence book is being translated right now.  Both will be distributed at a UNASUR conference that is in the very early planning stages and will be sponsored by a government at presidential direction, if it comes to pass.

If Steele is not offered an opportunity to create a meaningful open source program useful to defense policy, acquisition, and operational commanders at the national, regional, and tactical levels, he will focus on helping regional multinational unions create what Steele believes the US should be seeding and nuturing for its own benefit. Steele has laid the multinational groundwork for 21 years and will focus on creating regional information-sharing and sense-making networks, one for each regional theater, each having a regional conference together with a rotating global event.  He'd rather do this as a loyal employee of the US Government, but he is detached from the outcome (Principle #2 of Phi Beta Iota adopted principles from the Santayana Institute).

In the near future, Harrison Owen, inventor of Open Space Technology, has agreed to host an Open Space Conference on Re-Inventing National Intelligence, but Steele has not had the time to nail down a location and with the recent double-whammy is inclined to leave it for late March.  The event would be open to the public, with invitations to all Embassies and NGOs and such, and would be self-organizing after a brief introduction to OST by Harrison Owen.  The results would be published immediately.

If Congressman Rob Simmons is elected in 2010 as the junior Senator from Connecticutt, he will have to spend a year as a silent boot Senator, and in 2012 will re-assume his hard-earned Hill leadership with respect to OSINT and its follow-on, M4IS2.

One day, God willing, we will have a Smart Nation that is again America the Beautiful in the eyes of humanity.

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