SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 13 January 2010


NOTE:  This offering ends 9 Feb 10 unless we can find a volunteer to do once a week.

Hot Topics

AA: Latin America’s Military Factor 01/12/10

BO: Bolivia banks on ‘Coca Colla,’ fizzy coca-leaf drink 01/10/10

CL: Chilean Government to Sue for Human Rights Violation 01/08/10

CL: ‘Chile’s Berlusconi’ looks to the presidency 01/10/10

CO: Chiquita settles Colombia terrorism lawsuits 01/08/10

CO: Colombian Judicial Ruling “Controversial” 01/12/10

CU: Contractor Jailed in Cuba Was Aiding Religious Groups, US Says 01/12/10

CU: Cuba’s `industry of robbery’ 01/08/10

HT: Haiti at a glance 01/13/10

HT: Haiti Hit by Powerful Earthquake; Buildings Damaged 01/12/10

HT: Haiti Quake New Blow for Country Mired in Misery 01/13/10

NI: Nicaraguan election tribunal stands for now: Ortega 01/09/10

VE: Venezuela Devalues “Bolivar Fuerte” 01/13/10

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: COLOMBIA: They Were Expendable 01/09/10

GY: Deploying the army in Buxton contributed to instability in Guyana – Granger 01/10/10

HN: Honduras: Entrenched Corruption Stymies Hope 01/11/10

PE: Chief of Peruvian maximum-security prison killed 01/09/10

VE: Chavez says Venezuela jets intercepted U.S. plane 01/09/10

VE: Violence Relentlessly Takes Toll Across Venezuela 01/08/10

Special Operations

HT: Filipino peacekeepers trapped in Haiti 01/13/10

Security Forces

AA: The Militarization of Mexican Police Forces to Continue 01/11/10

JM: Major Gun and Ammo Found at Jamaica’s Port Bustamante 01/13/10

VE: Venezuela to reinforce troops on Colombia border with Russian tanks 01/10/10

Foreign Affairs

AA: Neighbors Challenge Energy Aims in Bolivia 01/10/10

AA: Afghanistan And Colombia: Another Tale Of Two Cities 01/10/10

AA: Venezuela Nixes Potential Aggression to Colombia 01/10/10

AR: Argentine gov’t appeals rulings on central bank 01/09/10

BO: Struggle, continuity and contradiction in Bolivia 01/08/10

BR: Brazil truth commission arouses military opposition 01/10/10

HN: Honduras’ Top Court to Hear Case Against Military 01/11/10


AA: Crime Rates Rise in Caribbean 01/08/10

AA: Halting drug war corruption: What Mexico can learn from Colombia 01/12/10

AA: NarcoIslam: Hezbollah Traffics Drugs to Finance Terrorism 01/11/10

CO: Colombia: Extrajudicial Executions to Be Clarified 01/09/10

CO: Colombian Paramilitary Leader Sentenced to Prison in US 01/10/10

GT: Guatemala: Ex President of Congress to Trial 01/08/10

JM: Jamaica sets crime record: 1680 killed in 2009 01/10/10

PE: IIAP to open office aimed at combating coca leaf production in isolated region 01/12/10

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