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Rule 1 on this site is never include steele in any search.  He’s all over every item, and we did not list his name in the tags because it would have reduced everyone else to very fine print.  Without steele the search is successful and produced below, wherein you will find the book you are looking for.

Reference: Human Terrain Team (HTT) Round Two

See also:

Journal: Anthropology 101–Not Being Listened To

Review: Anthropologists in the Public Sphere–Speaking Out on War, Peace, and American Power

Review: Anthropological Intelligence–The Deployment and Neglect of American Anthropology in the Second World War

Reference: Fixing Intel–A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan

Worth a Look: Key Leader Engagement

Journal: Human Terrain Team (HTT) Project Now Dabbling in Propaganda

2009 Defense Science Board Report on Understanding Human Dynamics

2010: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Trilogy Updated

Review: Charm Offensive–How China’s Soft Power Is Transforming the World

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