Contributing Editor: Marcelo Henrique de Ávila (Brazil)

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Marcelo Henrique de Ávila

“I believe Logics, Linguistics, Semiotics, Philosophy and Information Science are disciplines that play key roles in Intelligence. As an Intelligence student and researcher, I am interested in investigating the foundations of Intelligence, focused on Intelligence Analysis, according to an inter and transdisciplinary approach, inspired by Biology and guided by Critical Thinking”.

Brazilian ISR Auditor with interdisciplinary background. Former Chancellery Officer at Brazilian Ministry of External Relations. Bachelor Degree in Agronomist Engineering at the Federal University of Uberlândia, Estate of Minas Gerais. Master Degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Brasilia. Diploma in Strategic Intelligence (CSIE 2009), and in Defence Resources Management (CGERD 2008), both at the Brazilian National War College (Escola Superior de Guerra/Ministry of Defense). Diploma in Intelligence Analysis at the Brazilian Intelligence Agency School. Associate student of the Centre for Research on Architecture of Information at the University of Brasília.

Chief Editor of the Blog Inteligência Brasil and Coordinator of InteLingua Project, a not-for-profit international mass collaboration initiative aimed to translate open source Intelligence literature.   Curriculum Lattes Online

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