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Berto Jongman Recommends...

Afghanistan: Mullah Omar Ready to End Al Qaida Ties (Video)

Apocalyptic thinking and the signs of the coming apocalypse by sheikh IMran N. Hosein

Book announcement: how enemies become friends

Book Reviews, Books by Ronald Crelinsten by Tim Stevens

Conflict in N Dimensions Excellent blog by Tim Stevens

Cyber-War and Critical Infrastructure I

Cyber-War and Critical Infrastructure II

Cyber-War and Critical Infrastructure III

Cyber-War: The costs of databreaches in US and UK

Islamic thinking on the role of money and islamic banking by sheikh Imran N. Hosein.

Peace after  war New study

Terror Risk High as Obama Ponders Afghan Fiasco (November Prediction of Christmas Day False Flag Operation by Christopher Bollyn) November 18, 2009 The risk of another false-flag terror attack like the terror atrocities of 9-11 is currently very high. This is not a prediction but a warning based on my analysis of 9-11 and the predicament that the U.S. and NATO find themselves in as they try to “pacify” occupied Afghanistan, a nation of fighting men who have always resisted foreign occupiers since Alexander the Great conquered the region and built Kandahar (Alexandria) in 330 B.C.

Terror: New study of the WODC (Scientific Research and Documentation Center of the Ministry of Justice) on Dutch jihadists. For the first time reserachers had access to twelve police investigative files on cases in the periode 2001-2005. An English summary can be found on pages 166-171.

Terror: Remarks on terrorist financing

Vietnam new study on role of CIA

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