Journal: MILNET Selected Headlines 1 Feb 10


Afghanistan:  Has The West Got The Will To Carry On Shedding Blood For The Afghans? (29 Jan 10)

Afghanistan:  The Taliban On General McChrystal And Negotiations (31 Jan 10)

Afghanistan: UN In Secret Peace Talks With Taliban (29 Jan 10)

Corporate Misbehavior: How a stray mouse click choked the NYSE & cost a bank $150K (27 Jan 10)

Corporate Misbehavior: Security researchers blast credit card verification system (28 Jan 10)

Corporate Misbehavior: mysteriously removes Macmillan book titles (29 Jan 10)

Energy: Fusion energy hurdle swept aside (28 Jan 10)

Israel: Stealing Success Tel Aviv Style (28 Jan 10)

Threat: Al Qaeda's Growing Arc Of Terror (31 Jan 10)

US Liberty:  First Amendment 451 (29 Jan 10)

US Military Responsibilities To Expand (1 Feb 10)

US Military:  Paying More, Buying Less (29 Jan 10)

US Strategy:  Obama admnistration takes several wrong paths in dealing with terrorism by General Mike Hayden, USAF (Ret) (31 Jan 10)

US Strategy:  The President's Nuclear Vision By Vice President Joe Biden (29 Jan 10)

US Strategy: China, Iran Prompt U.S. Air-Sea Battle Plan In Strategy Review (1 Feb 10)

Yemen:  Can Yemen Stop Al Qaeda? (28 Jan 10)

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