MILNET Headlines 15 February 2010


Cyber-Security: DISA to establish safe haven outside the Internet

Cyber-Security: U.S. Internet security plan revamped

Threat-China: The Last Shuttle and the Rise of China

Threat-China: Who needs aircraft carriers and cruise missiles when you have IOUs?

Threat-China: Why China's Naval Rise Could Help The World

Threat-Google: Google Buzz Abandons Auto-Following Amid Privacy Concerns

Threat-Google: Too Easy: How a Simple Hack Can Turn Your Numeric Google Profile URL Back into a Gmail Address

Threat-Ideas: Jihad of the Pen

Threat-Iran: Are The Ayatollahs Using COIN?

Threat-Iran: RAND: Mullahs, Guards, and Bonyads: An Exploration of Iranian Leadership Dynamics

Threat-Nuclear: Nuclear sites vulnerable to break-ins

Threat-Terrorism: How Bin Laden Lost The Clash Of Civilizations

Threat-Terrorism: U.S. hunts for English-speaking bombers

Threat-USG: Justice Dept. defends warrantless cell phone tracking

Threat-Whaling: Whaling: Will Greenpeace trial in Japan put whalers on notice?

U.S. Intelligence: A U.S. Intelligence Breakthrough in the Persian Gulf?

US Strategy: A Plan for ‘Best Practices’ on National Security Reporting

US Strategy: Turning The Taliban

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