MILNET Headlines, 23 February 2010


ClimateGate as Crime:  Climategate Meets the Law, Senator Calls for Criminal Investigation

Commentary:  Beware of ‘Comprehensive’ Anything

Cuber-Security:  Who runs cyber policy?

Cyber-Security:  ‘Sophisticated’ Hack Hit Intel in January

Cyber-Security:  Cyber attacks will ‘catastrophically' spook public, warns GCHQ

Iraq:  Iraq watchdog proposes new agency to manage reconstruction

US Congress:  Two Million So Congress Can Watch TV?

US Economy:  Harvard’s Rogoff Sees Sovereign Defaults, Painful Austerity

US Economy:  How to Create a Resilient Infrastructure in 20 Years

US Government:  Spinning Our Wheels

US Intelligence:  Hurdles Stymie Counterterrorism Center

US Military & US Public:  Forward Observer: Weyand's Message

US Military:  Challenges loom in expanded use of unmanned systems

US Society:  Second Life at Work

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