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Not happy with what came up for this search, so here is the human-in-the loop answer.

The OSS.Net, Inc. archives, including all electronic copies of all proceedings, training, lectures, and so on, is forever.  In the second column of this web site, under Antecedents, you will find a direct link back to OSS.Net, Inc.  At OSS.Net, Inc. all of the original front page categories still have hundreds of links that are not represented here at Phi Beta Iota.  Everything else (documents) is represented here at Phi Beta Iota.  All things being equal, you are better off searching here unless you are looking for links you remember, e.g. under Information Operations (IO) at the OSS.Net site.

The two organizing documents, and both remain active and cover OSS.Net, Inc. web site contents from the past, they are not updated to reflect all that has been added to Phi Beta Iota from Earth Intelligence Network and from Amazon.

HOWEVER, Phi Beta Iota, this web site, was created for three reasons:  1) because we finally got fed-up with Amazon's unrealiability and capriciousness in censoring and gutting original works; 2) as a better front end for OSS.Net and EIN, both of which are now “static” as sites but active as archives (we load all the new stuff to the server in Sweden, and then link to it from Phi Beta Iota); and 3) to serve as the virtual index and endnotes for the new book, INTELLIGENCE for EARTH: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability, which is being translated into multiple languages and will also have this web site easily accessed in multiple languages.

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