MILNET Headlines, 25 February 2010


Afghanistan:  Night Raids Violate Afghans’ Deepest Moral Code

Cloud:  Ranum& Peterson Vidoe on Cloud Computing

Commentary:  Opinion: Running Out of Time

Copyright:  New ACTA Leak–U.S., Korea, Singapore, Denmark Do Not Support  Transparency

Cyber-Security:  Cybersecurity Coordinator Lacks Accountability

Cyber-Security:  Federal Regulation Urged on Cybersecurity

Cyber-Security:  Software Defects Threaten Census Rollout

Cyber-Security:  US Would Lose Cyberwar

Cyber-Security: Data Security Basics Still Trip Up Federal Agencies

Disaster:  Disaster Awaits Cities in Earthquake Zone

Geospatial:  Using Google Earthh and GPS to Track Afghan Cash

Homeland Security Contractors Outnumber Civilian Employees

Homeland Security:  E-Verify misses half of illegal workers

Homeland Security:  Napolitano Acknowledged Radicalized Islamist TerrorismThreat

Microsoft:  MS Relents on Cryptome

Microsoft:  Whistleblower Site Back After Mocrosft Withdraws Complaint

Privacy:  Security Expert: Obama Order Resembles Controversial Bush-Era Data-Mining Tool

US Military:  Both Left and Right are Wrong About Drones

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